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As the Banyan Tree lives for centuries in harmony with the eco system, @EscAging we aim to prolong youthfulness through harmony and balance.

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ESC Aging was born after over a decade of research into natural health products, traditional medicines from ancient India (Ayurveda), China (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Egypt (Yunani). In modern times, we are constantly bombarded with toxins in form of our lifestyle, stress, diet, pollution, water quality and fresh food quality. These cause disturbances to the harmony and balance in the body, which speeds up aging.

It is well documented in ancient civilizations of India and China how people lived well past a hundred years and maintained great hair, nails and skin health. A detailed study into the ancient medicine systems unlock the secrets of the natural herbs and remedies, which opens a world of powerful natural elixirs of health and youthfulness. We at Esc Aging bring you these powerful remedies and exliers to prolong your youthful appearance.

We strive for a balance within the human body and view every individual body as an integral part of our eco system. Thus a balance within the larger context of our eco system, our planet and our universe. Our products are sourced from plants with a view of preserving mother nature for our future generations. We are strongly against animal cruelty in shape or form be it use of animal products or testing on animals.