About Us

Why are we SO passionate about NATURAL skincare? At many points in my life, my skincare journey was never-ending. It was a constant search of "what's next" down a solution-seeking path with no finale. Battling severe acne, scarring, and dry skin that never faded even in summer, and newfound rosacea as the topper, I never felt confident in my skin. Filters and "smoothing" features originally gave me confidence but only left me an understanding of what I COULD be presenting to the world. The ways I could finally feel my inner confidence shining out. THAT….is where this journey began.

  1. Understanding not all skin nor skincare is the same.
  2. Your skin is beautiful. Sometimes, the most basic and pure ingredients are the chef’s kiss to make it shine
  3. When you feel better about your skin, you start treating yourself better (we all secretly know this). That includes eating right and getting out for that walk in the park that will overall naturally improve your health and skin.
  4. Small steps are the answer. Who has ever attempted a massive change in skincare or diet and come out with poor results? (umm…me. Let's talk about red inflammation under the eyes from introducing new serums, or the "dry skin" that is finally called the last straw and requires days of aloe vera!)
  5. Time is key. We all want to see the 48-hour answer. But there ARE those products on the market if you have a last-minute hot date! I'm talking about seeing the long-term results, so you don't have to use those products. Relying on pure, natural ingredients that actually do something.
  6. This is the feeling of doing a skincare routine that you think won’t change things and then subtly seeing changes that make you smile. Your skin is more plump, more even, less wrinkly, and brighter than you have ever seen.
  7. Natural is the key to longevity. More often than realized, chemical products break down parts of your skin to show others more prevalently. A strong example is rosacea. The top products help vaso-constrict the blood vesicles to reduce redness, great for masking daily issues but not necessarily resolving the problem.

The fact that I can strongly attest to the functionality and efficiency of the products of our line makes me proud. Tried and true means something, especially when speaking in a world of natural, vegan, and organic products. We are proud to say we have done all of the research and determined the key route of all of our ingredients. We are proud to say that we raised our voice and said patch solutions aren’t enough. Proud to say we reached out for the solution, and we have taken in and adapted thousands of years of study in herbal medicine within core ancient cultures such as Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist.