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Aging and Skincare

Our skin is a reflection of our inner health. It is a prominent visual health report of an individual based on the concepts of mulitple medical schools of thought: ancient, holistic, and modern medicine. Glowing and radient skin is usually associated with a healthy individual as opposed to inflamed, pale or dull skin which is reflective of excess or deficiency. Thus, the state of your inner health and organs, and your biological aging is usually evident from your skin.

Calendar age and biological age are very different things. Two people born on the same day, at the same time, and in the same year, are the same calendar age, but may look and be very different in biological age. An individual with glowing skin which reflects great inner and outer health might have a biological age of six years younger, while another with poor inner and outer health may appear and have a biological age of being ten years older. A healthy mind in a healthy body which is balanced is required to escape aging.

At Escape Aging, we aim to help you escape your calendar age by slowing or even reversing your biological age. In addition to the elixirs of youth in the form of our products, we bring you the valuable knowledge from many ancient texts on this science. Below are a few tips to help aid you on your journey to Escape Aging.